Competency-Based Education Organizations & Regulations

There are a number of organizations focusing on competency-based education. Below are links to those organizations as well as information on the regulatory environment impacting CBE.

CBE Regulations

The onus on policy makers to create new regulatory frameworks to support innovation in areas like competency-based education.

Education Department's Office of Inspector General criticizes review of competency-based education programs.

The Higher Learning Commission could improve its evaluation of CBE programs to ensure that programs are properly classified for Title IV purposes.

Processes for identifying risks and evaluating applications for Title IV Eligibility need strengthening to better mitigate risks proposed to the Title IV programs.

Department of Education's background and guidelines for the Experimental Site initiative.

Department of Education's letter to accrediting agencies outlines concerns and instructions regarding accreditation.

Education Department and regional accreditors seek common ground on competency-based education.

A common framework for defining and approving competency-based education programs.

Department of Education Dear Colleague letter outlining regulations regarding competency-based education programs, especially in relationship to Title IV student financial aid programs.

The results of the OIG’s audit of WASC regarding how it accredits CBE programs in light of the Department’s “regular and substantive interaction” regulations.

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