Blended Learning

Quality in teaching and learning, efficient resource use and student engagement are critical to an institution’s future. How can you keep improving when investment resources are scarce?

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Skillful Blended Learning Delivers Better Outcomes

Combining online learning with traditional face-to-face sessions has been around for at least a decade. It’s popular amongst students, and it offers learning untethered from time and place whilst maintaining the richness of contact in person. Perceived as a way to scale student numbers successfully, many have embraced it. Now institutions want to realise the benefits of blended learning more fully.

Develop Blended Learning's Effectiveness

Focussing on these four areas of activity can help you realise more of the benefits from blended learning.

Drive engagement with an online component

Drive Engagement With an Online Component

Tailor online learning to tasks suited to it like formative assessment or asynchronous group work.

Use resources effectively

Use Resources Effectively

Use online tools to scale means of access and interaction between staff and learners.

Teaching and learning quality

Teaching & Learning Quality

Personalise learning by offering many ways to extend and consolidate knowledge.

Technology adoption

Technology Adoption

Staff need access to good training, development and support in changing their teaching practices.

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