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Agile Institution

Global higher education is still changing. This presents opportunities and challenges. The difference between struggling and flourishing is the ability to adapt, known as institutional agility. The good news is that any institution can develop it.

Blended Learning

Institutions have encouraged blended learning as a way to scale learner numbers without sacrificing quality. But it can do so much more. A skillfully implemented blended learning programme has the potential to deliver better learning outcomes and use resources efficiently with little extra investment.

Student Progression

When students’ progress meets expectations everyone wins. When they don’t, the financial and reputational cost is severe, which is why reaching the root causes of underachievement and offering flexible remedies remains a hot topic.

Technology Adoption

New learning technology can create enormous value, but may create anxiety and indifference amongst staff. This requires management. Institutions are giving attention to the ways they can remove objections to new technologies and inspire their creative use.

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