Data & Analytics: Education Analytics

With the help of Blackboard’s evidence-based solutions, colleges, universities and systems identify and overcome barriers to student success, keep learners on track for graduation with high-quality credentials, and optimise institutional outcomes. 

Bolster Student & Institutional Success with Blackboard Data & Analytics

Blackboard Analytics combines our knowledge of the data structure of our products with a wealth of experience and expertise in education, analytics and data science to provide products and solutions that answer the common questions and shared problems within education. These include student risk and retention, learning tool adoption and management of the student experience. 

Optimise Your Entire Student Experience

Blackboard offers the depth and breadth of analytics solutions you need to support a truly comprehensive, integrated, and evidence-based approach to teaching, learning and student success. With the addition of Blackboard Data, our SaaS Teaching and Learning portfolio can now be included as a data-source, in addition to existing data from Blackboard Learn and student information systems.

Blackboard Reporting

Measure tool adoption and return on investment and answer complex questions with direct access to the data from your Blackboard SaaS Teaching and Learning solutions. 

Blackboard Analytics for Learn

Optimise course design for academic performance, improve reporting efficiency, support faculty development, promote self-regulated learning, and measure return on your educational technology investments. 

Blackboard Engage

Intervene early and keep students on track for success. Blackboard Engage (formerly Blackboard Predict) helps you identify students at risk, making early intervention possible, personal and scalable. Increase retention and graduation through intensive advisement on the basis of early alerts.

Blackboard Assessment & Accreditation

Streamline evidence collection and analysis to support accreditation efforts and curricular strategy and to improve programme effectiveness with data and documentation. 

Continuous Improvement Through Data-Driven Decisions

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