Success with Blackboard's Digital Teaching & Learning Series

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Empowering Educators Through Online Learning Best Practices & Pedagogy

Universidad de San Sebastián in Chile became one of the first centers of excellence worldwide and the first in Latin America certified by Blackboard to deliver the Digital Teaching & Learning Series.

Blackboard's Digital Teaching & Learning Series is LMS and institution agnostic, results in the focus of the training being on what is most critical – using digital technologies to enhance teaching and learning.

Hermien Geldenhuys
Senior Instructional Designer
The Independent Institute of Education (IIE)
Hermien Geldenhuys,, IIE

I have started to place myself in my students’ shoes in every step of the design and delivery of my courses. The learned skills and tools offered by the Digital Teaching & Learning Series enabled me to be more understanding and tolerant to the multiple and unpredictable needs of my students.

Dr. Fouad Jamaani
Finance Professor
Taif University
Taif University