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Educational Services

Technology solutions yield the best results when users understand their capabilities and are taught how to optimise their functionality. We help you get the most from your solutions through proven instructional methods, cognitive research and education, quality rubrics and years of relevant experience.

Training and Certifications

Training & Certification

Ensure you offer the knowledge your trainers, academic faculty, corporate instructors, course designers and system administrators need to provide engaging courses for all learners as well as optimising your technology investments. 

Course Design and Review

Course Design, Development & Review

Develop and scale your online programmes while complying with the highest industry standards. Discover the variety of ways instructional designers, teaching faculty and corporate trainers are engaging their learners.

Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation

Our Staff Augmentation services help you off-load time-consuming recruitment activities and ramp up fast to staff your projects, enabling you to respond optimally to business objectives with high visibility and tight timelines.

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