Education Consulting Services at Blackboard

We believe in keeping it simple but strong, with innovative services that help you put great ideas to work quickly.

Not All Challenges Are Created Equal

Every institution is different in some way, which presents specific challenges and needs for success at your institution. Our Consulting Services work with you to define your challenges, architect a programme, establish the system and help you to use it to your best advantage making it a high return on your investment.

Our Blackboard project has helped us create a baseline for improvement. Moving forward, as a result of our work with Blackboard, our enrollment and retention rates will increase even further.

Susan Aldridge
Senior Vice President for Online Learning, and President of Drexel University Online
Drexel University
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Our Capabilities

Increase Retention Rates

From course design to learner engagement, we work with hundreds of institutions to ensure they have a successful retention strategy in place.

Increase Enrollment

Our team will work with you to put an academic growth strategy in place to help increase enrollment.

Increase Technology Adoption

Blackboard offers adoption benchmarking and tracking, training services and change management services targeted at increasing adoption across an entire organisation and making your investment more valuable.

Design, Develop & Evaluate Effective Programmes

We partner with institutions to ensure that the programmes they offer are of high quality and responsive to user needs and expectations.

Improve Student Outcomes

Blackboard partners with institutions to ensure good outcomes for students, allowing them to achieve their goals and give them opportunities for further learning.

Improve Professional Development

Blackboard provides a wide range of services to improve the all-important professional development at your institution—whether by groups or individuals.

Why Blackboard Consulting Services?