Blackboard Ally for Websites: A Website Accessibility Tool

Quality and design functionality play key parts in making sure a visitor stays on a site. Creating more accessible content can help improve the digital experience for everyone.

Enhance the Digital Experience for All

One of the most neglected aspects of web design continues to be accessibility, despite the positive effects it can have on retention and engagement. Having a more inclusive design can help keep visitors on your site longer and improve the digital experience for everyone. Start your journey to digital inclusion with Blackboard Ally for Websites.

Blackboard Ally for Web Reporting

Helping to Make Your Web Content More Accessible

Blackboard Ally for Websites helps your organisation gain immediate insight into the accessibility of your website content and determine the best path forward to creating a more inclusive web environment.

Ally of Web showing alt formats available for download

Offer Your Site Visitors Flexibility and Choice

Visitors of all backgrounds frequent your website. Provide viewers with a way to consume content that meets their unique needs, including user-friendly alternative formats such as epub, electronic braille, audio, and more.

Ally for Websites providing feedback on how to improve PDF for accessibility

Gain Feedback to Build a More Inclusive Experience

Get the insight and guidance you need to fix common web accessibility issues and tips for improving your digital content through our content feedback feature.

Ally for Websites Accessibility report

Track Common Web Accessibility Issues

Use your Website Accessibility Report to automatically check your site content for potential accessibility issues—based on our accessibility checklist and industry standards.

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