How Institutions Use Analytics to Improve Institutional Performance and Student Success

Analytics helps turn raw data into actionable insights that can help measure and increase student performance, foster faculty development, inform decision making and instructional design to create a functional institutional strategy.

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Khawarizmi International College Case Study

Khawarizmi International College’s mission is to provide the UAE, as well as the region, with highly employable graduates who have been empowered by engaging, applied educational experiences to meet the needs of industry, the community, and the Abu Dhabi 2030 strategic vision.

The Independent Institute of Education Enables Faculty to Create Consistent Teaching and Learning Experiences Across Twenty-three Campuses and Online

IIE, one of the leading private higher education institutions in South Africa, sought to not only train academic staff members on the use of their LMS, Blackboard Learn, but to also provide teaching professional development on how to facilitate effective learning experiences using online learning. 

Improving the Educational Experience

Anticipating learner difficulties and taking corrective measures earlier: How a leading teaching and research university for women in Saudi Arabia is creating a comprehensive dashboard for effective data analysis to help learners and instructors enhance the educational experience.

The University of Petra & Blackboard Partnership in Jordan

The University of Petra in West Amman, Jordan was established in 1991. In this short time, UOP has expanded to eight facilities with 7,400 students and holds the Quality Management ISO 9001 certification for supporting higher education and the Higher Education Accreditation Commission’s Quality Assurance certificates as well as other certificates. Blackboard is honored to partner with UOP in supporting the pursuit of education availability and advancement.

The original idea was to get the university’s instructors who were early adopters of Blackboard tools to train other instructors in their colleges. This way, more instructors could learn about e-learning platforms and tools and spread the knowledge to more female students.

Dr. Tahani Aldosemani
Vice-dean of Information Technology & Distance Education
Prince Sattam Bin Abdulaziz University
Dr. Tahani Aldosemani of Prince Sattam Bin Abdulaziz University

Educational Technology Opens Door to Organizational Change

The University of Pretoria, founded 110 years ago, consists of seven campuses, a business school, and an academic hospital and offers 1,800 academic programs to 53,000 students. The university uses hybrid and inquiry-based learning, assessment & accreditation, and learning analytics to promote higher levels of success for students. Read more on how Blackboard Learn has help advanced their teaching and learning goals.

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