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What is Blackboard SiS Institutional Hierarchy?

Blackboard SiS Institutional Hierarchy helps your institution/organization in establishing levels of access and management on your Blackboard Learn integration. This hierarchical process allows your team to obtain rich data which informs better decision making. The process also aids in delegating administrative tasks and responsibilities which leads to more efficient management.

What are specific features of Blackboard SiS Institutional Hierarchy?

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Flexible Administration Models

Add administrators, courses, organizations, and users to each hierarchy level node.

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Personalized Hierarchical Structures

Users can be added as administrator and given specific roles for each hierarchy level node.

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Domains Capable of Making Sets

Use defined rules to group objects, users, and more, as well as administrator assignments for these domains.

How can my institution/organization benefit from Blackboard SiS Institutional Hierarchy?

Implementation has a variety of advantages, including:

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Visibility into aggregated data by institution, department, class type, courses, and more with organized rich data.

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Elimination of manual processes when delegating administrative responsibilities.

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Observation of internal and external KPI (key performance indicator) tracking.

How can my team begin accessing Blackboard SiS Institutional Hierarchy?

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Our implementation process is fast and easy—no extensive setup is required. Our team will provide a quick analysis and implementation schedule and, before you know it, your team will be accessing rich data and valuable insights.

This service is available for clients who already have the SIS integration setup but have yet to setup a hierarchy. If SiS integration is needed, please contact your Account Representative and request details for Mentoring or QuickStart SiS integration services.

How do I learn more about harnessing the power of Blackboard SiS Institutional Hierarchy for my institution/organization?

Reach out to your Account Representative today or