Registration & Reporting

Blackboard Registration and Management allows you to manage the full life cycle of learning information from directly within the learning environment.

Manage the full life cycle of learning

Manage the Full Life Cycle of Learning

Our web-based management system and registration portal offers fully integrated learner registration, enrollment management, e-commerce capabilities, a manager dashboard and enterprise reporting tools that you can customise to meet your needs.

Why Blackboard?

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Flexible Registration

With automated registration and self-regulated tracking, the integrated module gives learners more control as they navigate the training environment.

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Progress Tracking & Dashboards

Administrators and trainers can easily see learners' progress towards certifications and view a learners' full course history, including classes taken outside of the organisation.

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The training environment can also be used as a revenue source through integrated e-commerce capabilities.

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Learning Paths & Pre-Requisites

Managers and administrators can track learners’ progress towards completing their certifications and easily identify any gaps in training.

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LMS Integration

Deep integration provides learners with a seamless experience and allows you to manage the full learning lifecycle from directly within the learning environment.

Learn how Blackboard can simplify your training management process.