Transforming Training & Development With LMS Technology

Connect government employees, military personnel and the civilian workforce to social online learning platforms and additional online tools that learners need to move forward in their careers—without requiring more travel.

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An Innovative Learning Management System to Keep Your Employees Engaged

You may know that Blackboard was a pioneer in online learning more than 20 years ago. Our learning management solutions are built on the fundamentals of how people learn making them adaptable to so many organisations. Many of your employees are probably already familiar with our virtual learning environment and instructional tools because they used them at universities. And, we have been helping organisations turn learning into a strategic advantage for over a decade.

Blackboard Learning Management

Blackboard helps you engage learners in exciting new ways, reaching them on their terms and devices. Intuitive new features make it even easier for organisations to extend online learning, increase employee engagement and optimise learning outcomes.

Why Blackboard?

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Scalability & Multi-Tenancy

Whether you field civil servants across the country or servicemen and women around the world, our flexible, comprehensive learning management systems can keep them all up to speed.

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Intuitive Interface Across Multiple Modalities

Responsive and mobile-first design drive today's LMS experience ensuring instructors, trainers and learners can connect anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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Fully Inclusive Learning

Products, tools and services that help you provide a barrier-free learning experience for all your employees.

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Federal Guidelines Integration

Competency-based learning programmes to help your agency meet Office of Personnel Management training requirements and guidelines.

Transform your training and development with Blackboard.