Leverage Blackboard to Educate & Engage Your Members

Your members have more options than ever for training and professional development. With Blackboard, you can deliver effective and engaging learning programmes that maximise value for your members.

Seamless integrations for maximum productivity

Flexible Learning That Excites & Engages Your Members

Today, associations need to provide measurable value to their members in order to ensure retention and foster growth. At Blackboard, we leverage our 20+ year history serving over 100 million learners to help you deliver a learning experience that will keep your members coming back for more.

How We Help

Instructor and learner looking at desktop computer screen.

A Proven, Flexible Solution

With Blackboard, we can easily integrate with your existing AMS to build a results-driven learning programme designed for your association’s unique needs.

Member in taxi using mobile phone.

Reach Members Where They Are

Blackboard creates a flexible learning environment for all your members regardless of where they are and how they want to learn.

Members taking a course on laptop computer.

Turn Learning Into Revenue Streams

Our e-commerce capabilities will help you generate additional revenue by selling existing courses and certifications.

Board members in virtual meeting.

Strengthen & Expand Your Community

Virtual learning removes barriers and creates connections with subject matter experts and peer-to-peer exchanges of information.

All the Components You Need For Success

Discover how Blackboard can enhance and grow your association.