Women @ Blackboard

Learn about the women who make things happen in Blackboard's Asia-Pacific region.

The [email protected] series celebrates the great females who work within our organisation and do incredible work to support our goal of using technology to expand access to education to everyone—regardless of geography, financial situation, stage of life or disability.

Be inspired by these monthly articles that feature these amazing women who work in the Asia-Pacific region; highlighting their passions, what gets them up in the morning, star gazing, and their contribution to STEM.

Sophie Cavies
International Digital Marketing & Content Specialist, Blackboard
Carol Miles
Senior Curriculum Management Architect, Blackboard
Yvette Drager
Senior Education Consultant (Asia Pacific), Global Client Experience, Blackboard
Jacqueline Bates
Client Experience Manager for Australia New Zealand, Global Client Experience  Organisation, Blackboard
Tammi Russ
Senior Proposal Coordinator, Global Proposal Management, Blackboard
Lindsey Nickalls
Strategic Account Executive, Blackboard Australia & New Zealand
Carolyn Lim
Asia Pacific Sales Operations Senior Manager
Nicole Wall
Director of Consulting Services, Asia-Pacific