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Blackboard Reporting: LMS Reporting & Usage Tool

When institutions consider the quality and effectiveness of the online educational experience, understanding how widely online tools and content are being used across the institution is the first question that needs to be answered. Blackboard Reporting provides the essential insights and data access that Blackboard SaaS clients need to effectively manage the EdTech platform, powered by Blackboard Data.

Informing System Administrators

Blackboard Reporting provides the insights you need to measure adoption of learning tools across the Blackboard EdTech platform.

Blackboard Reporting showing all Report

One-Stop Insights

Save time by accessing insights across the Blackboard SaaS EdTech tools that you manage, all in one place.

Collaboration Session Activity inside of Blackboard Data

Measure Tool Adoption

Evaluate the impact of your investment with high-level adoption reporting.

Report showing the Adoption rate of the Learning Platform

Align Institutional Resources

Plan your help desk availability based on peak activity and your staff training offering based on which tools are being used most.

Enabling SQL Developers

Blackboard Reporting provides direct access to the powerful Blackboard Data model.

Entity Relationship Data Report on Latop

Structured for Insight

Get started more quickly with data optimised for reporting and an interactive data dictionary to help you find the datapoints you need. 

Blackboard Data includes Blackboard Collaborate, SafeAssign, Blackboard Learn, Blackboard Ally and Mobile Data

Platform-Wide Data

Measure activity across tools including Blackboard Learn SaaS, Collaborate, Ally and Blackboard Mobile apps in one combined, connected data model. 

Pyramid Report Creation

Explore Your Data, Your Way

Use the tools you’re most comfortable with, by connecting popular BI software or exporting data into your existing data warehouse.

Blackboard Reporting is Now Available*

*Available to clients hosted in eligible regions*

Blackboard Reporting is free to Blackboard Learn SaaS clients hosted in eligible locations. Request access by logging into Behind the Blackboard and submitting a support request.

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