Training – Blackboard Payments Powered by Cashnet

We pride ourselves on our Cashnet Payment Platform, a robust solution designed to help your campus simplify processes, cut costs and ultimately use your resources more efficiently and effectively. The following training options are offered to help you and your campus optimize use of the platform.

Cashnet Certification Workshops


About the Workshops

Become a certified Cashnet user and expand your knowledge as a System Administrator with our instructor-led certification workshops. These sessions offer an extensive, multi-day learning opportunity which allows users to explore, learn and make system changes within Cashnet’s training environment, without risk of disrupting your own campus environment. Our workshops are delivered online and include hands-on exercises, step by step training guides, and user manuals.


Who should attend a workshop?

  • Designated Cashnet System Administrators who are, or will be responsible for the deployment, configuration and ongoing management of their campus’s Cashnet platform.
  • Experienced Cashnet users who are interested in advancing their knowledge base, skills and responsibilities.
Benefits to your staff
  • Learn the essential knowledge and skills required of a Cashnet user or Administrator.
  • Explore the configuration options and services that are currently in use, or may be used in the future.
  • Opportunity to practice and learn in a safe environment.


Cashnet System Administrator Certification

Whether you are the designated Cashnet System Administrator, or you are an experienced user looking to assume wider responsibility in the overall administration and management of the Cashnet system, this learning opportunity is designed for you.

eMarket Administrator Certification

Whether you are the designated eMarket Administrator for your campus who wants to ensure the successful launch of your eMarket websites or you are a current Cashnet System Administrator who wants to learn more about the associated processes, techniques, and best practices, then this learning opportunity is designed for you.

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