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Enhancing education through course design and review

The value of reviewing your online courses

Today’s students know what they want: rich, always-available online content, and the ability to share it on social networks. Theirs is a world without boundaries--information is immediate and available from anywhere, anytime. They expect the same from their online courses.

Developing interactive, engaging, and pedagogically sound online programs and courses at scale can be a daunting task. Our Enterprise Consulting services can support institutions with instructional design, online course and program development, and efforts to meet quality and accessibility standards with our new Course Design, Development and Review services.

How we can help enhance education

Whatever you need, we are here for you. We can help you move courses from the traditional classroom to a hybrid or fully online model, enhance existing online courses with multimedia and Web 2.0 technologies, and design new online courses from scratch.

We are course design consultants and developers. As online consultants, we guide organizations by bringing proven methods, cognitive research and education, quality rubrics, and experience to the table. As developers, we create learning solutions that engage, teach, and assess using a methodology customized to your learning environment.

Our course development work:

  • Follows institutional and national effective practices
  • Utilizes recognized instructional design theories for successful online learning
  • Focuses on quality, industry-recognized design standards
  • Accessible to users with disabilities through Section 508 compliancy

Accessibility in course review

We also help institutions validate the quality and accessibility of their online courses through our Course Review services. These services review course design, delivery, and compliance with Section 508 requirements to ensure that the courses meet the highest standards.

When we review your courses, we:

  • Assess them based on our Exemplary Course or any other industry-recognized quality rubrics of your choice
  • Evaluate course accessibility against our proprietary accessibility rubric, and make recommendations to improve the accessibility of courses
  • Reflect the insight of a team of experienced online faculty and staff who hold Masters and PhD level credentials
  • Provide recommendations to enhance existing courses for successful online learning


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