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24/7 eLearning Support for 24/7 Learning

Online learning is growing at an exponential pace; digital evolution is driving monumental change; and, increasingly, technology is providing the backbone for all academic functions in an institution. In addition, today’s students have higher expectations for their support experience. For an institution’s IT department, such shifts have given rise to an increasingly complex environment to support, often with the same or fewer resources to do so.

Today, over 500 institutions use Blackboard as an extension of their organizations to:

  • Field those constant student and faculty-centric interruptions, so staff can focus on more complex support needs and strategic initiatives.
  • Address LMS issues quickly and ease migration to future releases through our ability to interface directly with Blackboard Learn™ and our early access to future releases.
  • Deliver exceptional customer service to address the needs of today’s students for immediacy, choice, and personalization
  • Help ensure students persist because simple issues like course availability, assignment upload, and login issues can be the difference between a student succeeding or failing.
  • Tap best practices in online learning gained working with over 30,000 global client institutions.

We deliver a unified student support solution that provides technology-enabled, self-service solutions – like automated password resets, answers to frequently asked questions, etc. – so students and faculty can get the help they need, when they need it, paired with live support to address complex or unique issues that arise. But every institution’s online learning programs(s) are different; we pride ourselves in our ability to:

  • Support Blackboard Learn as well as the broader online learning ecosystem, including over 100 different applications and technologies – from operating systems to software to desktops and beyond.
  • Provide 24/7/365 support or a tailored service model depending upon an institution’s needs.
  • Provide Tier 1 as well as Tier 2 support.



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