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A Strong Foundation Enables Greater Results

When you partner with Blackboard Student Services, an extensive knowledge transfer process takes place between your staff and ours before service delivery begins. We work with your team to make sure our operational processes, training materials, and knowledge base content reflects your partnership goals. When the implementation and integration work is done, our team will ensure a seamless handoff to your client care team.

Our typical implementation timeline lasts anywhere from 6-8 weeks, or more, depending on the scope and level of complexity of the project.

Training and Quality Assurance: Ensure Partnership Success

The customer experience is only as good as the training and quality programs behind it. Through the Blackboard Student Services training and quality programs, we make sure that each support interaction is as accurate, efficient, and professional as possible. Our approach is grounded in metrics. Everyone in the contact center, from agent to site director is measured and incented on the same quality performance metrics—ensuring top-to-bottom focus on the same goals. The definition of “quality” will be defined in collaboration with your institution and pursued through measurement, frequent calibration, and continuous improvement efforts so your experience is exceptional.

Proactive Project Management:  Experience Seamless Implementation

Planning, communicating and having specific change management policies are all key aspects of implementing and executing a shared services engagement. Our team of project managers will follow industry-leading processes during implementation to ensure goal alignment and mutual accountability.

Data Security Policies:  Protect What Matters Most

As a PCI compliant level 2 service provider, we strictly adhere to appropriate security policies, processes, and standards. All of our standards, processes, and policies are geared towards protecting and maintaining the confidentiality of any information accessed on behalf of our customers and their end users. Learn more about our Data Security Policy >


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