Blackboard helped our faculty understand the critical nature of proper training for online course delivery … It’s not a matter of taking your course materials, dumping them online, and hoping the students can figure out what they training on how to use the LMS – it’s how you become a successful online instructor.  

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Faculty Development Strategy

Cultivating Online Pedagogy

To effectively attract, enroll, and retain the growing populations of digital learners, organizations need a plan for faculty development – a plan that incorporates new approaches to pedagogy.

With Faculty Development Strategy, Blackboard Consulting will work with you to establish faculty development programs aligned with your organization’s specific goals.  And Blackboard's partnership with Quality Matters means your faculty development program will instill effective practices born from the largest community of collaboration on quality in online education.

As a result, your faculty will become effective facilitators of online and blended courses, using appropriate pedagogical strategies and technology tools and to meet learning outcomes.

Faculty Development Strategy graphic

Getting There

We draw upon our expertise as educators and educational technologists to help you develop and implement an effective faculty development program using comprehensive rubrics, including the Quality Matters rubric. 

To learn more, download the Faculty Development Strategy Overview.