Course Design Strategy

 Blackboard and Southern Miss worked with faculty to identify their teaching styles, how they liked to communicate, and what could be translated from face to-face classes to the online environment. By doing that, we were able to take a deep dive into their courses from an instructional standpoint. As a result, instructors could leverage core elements of the courses they had worked so hard to develop and easily migrate them into an online environment. 

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Designing Effective Online Courses

Struggling to deliver high quality courses consistently across your organization?

With Course Design Strategy, Blackboard Consulting will help your organization develop a structured, programmatic approach to high-quality course design.  And Blackboard's partnership with Quality Matters means your strategy will be grounded in nationally recognized standards for online course quality.

Specifically, you will walk away with an approach that:

  • Enhances course quality and consistency for a better and more effective learner experience
  • Incorporates structure and standards to define and assess online course quality and expose faculty to online strategies and effective practices
  • Establishes workflow practices that capture efficiencies for course production and focuses faculty effort on instructional development
Getting there with Course Design Strategy

Getting There

We draw on our expertise as educators and educational technologists to help you develop and implement an effective online course development program using comprehensive rubrics, including the Quality Matters rubric. 

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