Design and Planning

Effective Use of Educational Technology Strategic Approach

Aligning People, Processes and Technology with Vision

Learners today expect their educational experiences to be delivered anytime and anywhere via a wide array of tools and technologies.

As a leader and change manager, you are charged with striking a balance between return on investment and value of investment by aligning people, processes, and technology with your organization’s vision and goals. We use a strategic approach founded on nine Effective Practice Areas to:

  • Measure and analyze capacity and alignment for operations, process and educational technology
  • Deliver a comprehensive educational technology program that can encompass support through systems
  • Shape strategies for evolving and growing your organization’s educational technology value on investment
See how this new approach – Value on Investment – takes ROI to the next level in evaluating educational technology investments:

Register for the January 24, 2012 webinar: What's the Value on Investment? An approach to VOI and Educational Technology

Download the whitepaper: Beyond Boutique: Educational Technology and Value on Investment

Your Starting Point: A Capabilities Analysis

The Capabilities Analysis is an end-to-end process that helps leaders develop a vision and plan for managing change, improvement, and growth in quality. It also provides customized recommendation for implementation to build capabilities that achieve the performance and improvement desired. From there, we can help you implement the resulting action plan, program implementation, and performance management. To learn more, download the Effective Use of Educational Technology Overview.