Assessment and Improvement

Improving Program Quality and Results

Whether you are looking to meet accreditation requirements, need to reduce time-consuming and costly processes, or want to improve the quality and results of your program, Blackboard Consulting can help you turn assessment challenges into manageable, sustainable, processes that lead to high quality results.

We have developed and use a strategic approach founded upon seven Educational Effectiveness Effective Practice Areas that measure curricular, co-curricular, and administrative effectiveness; deliver a plan for designing manageable and sustainable assessment processes; produce actionable knowledge that will guide increases in the quality of educational and administrative programs and services. We help you build organizational competencies in each area, using rubrics, benchmarks and self-assessments to drive the process, define the solutions, and gauge readiness to execute against your strategic priorities.

Educational Effectiveness Strategic Approach

Educational Effectiveness Strategic Approach diagram

Your Starting Point:  A Capabilities Analysis

The Capabilities Analysis is an end-to-end process that helps leaders develop a vision and plan for managing change, improvement, and growth in quality.  It also provides customized recommendations for implementation to build capabilities that achieve the performance and improvement desired.  From there, we can help you implement the resulting action plan, program implementation, and performance management. To learn more, download the Educational Effectiveness Overview.