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Impact every student's performance.

The right online learning solution can make learning significantly more effective—in and beyond the classroom. Shaped by K-12 educator feedback, Blackboard LearnTM 9.1 is a complete and customizable technology toolkit that can help you:

Engage every student

Create powerful learning experiences, design customized learning paths, and influence performance in real-time. With the ability to add multimedia content, plus an intuitive Web 2.0 user experience, journals, chat, and other tools, you can breathe life into courses and reach more students.

Create collaborative classrooms

Advanced collaboration tools, such as wikis and blogs, help teachers structure personalized learning experiences for their students that help build problem-solving and critical thinking skills. It also encourages peer-to-peer participation through social learning.

Increase teacher productivity and effectiveness

With automated centrally managed grading, integrated lesson plans, standards alignment and reporting, teachers can focus more time on influencing student performance. Professional learning communities designed for teachers also facilitate lesson sharing, as well as give teachers across a district a way to brainstorm the best way to teach a difficult concept or address a challenging student situation.

Make the most of your investments

Central online hub and streamlined systems help you efficiently manage student achievement, technologies and instructional tools. Make it easy for your teachers to bring technology into their classrooms and fully utilize all of the district resources such as video and content through single-sign on access.

Blackboard LearnTM offers a highly accessible, user-focused K-12 learning platform that can deliver a better experience for everyone.

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