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A Single Communication Platform for the Entire Learning Community

The Edline LCMS by Blackboard Engage is an integrated district, school and classroom website solution for K-12. It includes a Content Management System along with classroom management functionality and an integrated outbound communication solution. Our websites and solutions connect all the diverse groups that make up your entire learning community so that everyone can collaborate and communicate safely and effectively.

Cost Savings

The Edline LCMS saves schools money on paper, postage and printing costs by putting assignments, quizzes, surveys, announcements and homework all online. Check out the Edline Cost Savings Case Study to learn all the ways our users are saving money and going green.

Involved Parents

The Edline LCMS provides a simple, single point of access to all of the key information that parents need: homework, grades, attendance, progress reports, activity schedules, athletic scores, lunch menus, school news, resources and more.

Real Results: In a low income school district, the implementation of the Edline LCMS opened the lines of communication between the school district and parents, leading to a 25% increase in the percentage of students meeting or exceeding state standards.

Engaged Students

Our revolutionary approach to technology creates an engaging education environment that provides students with familiar online technologies that are easy, safe and productive. Students can quickly go online to join discussions, complete assignments or hand in homework from the same dynamic classroom website where they check their grades. Personalized school calendars keep students informed of extracurricular activities and upcoming events while group pages let them interact with peers in a secure online environment.

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