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Easily inform, update, and involve everyone.

Communication is the key to keeping parents engaged and students thriving. With
Blackboard Connect™ you can easily send targeted, multilingual messages to thousands of parents, students, teachers and community members within minutes via voice, e-mail, text and social media. More than 5,000 school districts across the United States rely on Blackboard Connect to:

Get parents more involved

Easily engage parents with messages about events, curriculum changes and student performance —in the languages they speak and on the devices they prefer.

Improve safety and security

Whether it’s an urgent situation or an event update, you can reach thousands of parents, faculty and staff in minutes with targeted, relevant messages.

Boost student achievement

By sending daily attendance reminders, grade threshold reports and classroom behavior notifications, you can improve attendance, reduce truancy, and positively influence the way students perform.

Recoup fees and see a tangible return on investment

Using Blackboard Connect 5 to remind parents of outstanding library, cafeteria and other balances, you’ll find the service quickly generates enough revenue to pay for itself. By communicating electronically, districts can also save significant amounts on printing, distribution and administrative costs.

For more on Blackboard Connect features and capabilities, visit the Blackboard Connect website or download the Blackboard Connect brochure (PDF).

Blackboard Connect for Teachers

Help your teachers quickly and easily notify parents of their child’s performance, deliver assignment reminders, and offer help when students need it most. Blackboard Connect for Teachers allows direct, automated communication to:

  • Engage parents and encourage students
  • Reach families in their home language
  • Ensure messages are appropriate, targeted, and relevant
  • Build a sense of one-on-one connection

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