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Connecting in the 21st Century: Parents and Administrators Speak up About Effective School to Home Communications

Project Tomorrow and Blackboard have teamed up to understand growing trends in 21st century education for several years. This year the research included information about effective communication practices. This report published in November 2011 incorporates the findings and focuses on a particular strand of questions that was included in the Speak Up 2010 survey around school to home communication. The results of these questions are presented in this informative report, including perspectives from parents, teachers and school administrators.
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Keeping Students Competitive: Using Targeted Communication to Drive Student Success in a Global Economy

To remain competitive, students of today must be prepared to work in tomorrow’s global economy. The development of higher-order thinking skills are critical to this global competitiveness, and educators face the challenge of training students for careers that don’t yet exist with technologies that are rapidly changing and difficult to predict. Yet reduced resources make meeting these challenges problematic, if not seemingly impossible. Without waiting for external help from the state, educators can create a positive foundation by engaging parents, recruiting active involvement from community leaders and utilizing innovative technology in the classroom to teach students skills necessary for real world work environment.
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Webinar: Owning Your Communication Strategy

Tom Delapp is a veteran of the communications industry with over 35 years of experience in both the public and private sectors and the superintendent Tupelo Public Schools. During this webinar, he shares effective communication practices to empower school districts and their education communities.
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