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Doing More with Less

With the nation’s economic challenges and significant state and local budget shortfalls, schools’ operating budgets are facing significant reductions. These resources provide insight into how districts are seeking solutions for reducing costs without negatively impacting the quality and scope of their core instructional programs.

Return on Investment

Increase ROI and Reduce Costs with Education Technology: Innovative districts across the United States have begun to think anew about how they justify online learning initiatives and have also found ways to generate return on their technology investments. The resources on this site will demonstrate new ways to justify education technology decisions, to find federal funding for technology, and to improve efficiencies and increase ROI. Download the ROI Workbook >
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Doing More with Less

This report on “Doing More With Less” examines how districts are discovering new and highly promising answers to their top priorities through learning management systems.
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5 Ways to Save

Five Ways for Districts to Do More with Less: Districts are seeking solutions for reducing costs without negatively affecting the quality and scope of their core instructional programs. The good news is some districts are already doing just that by finding innovative ways to do more with less. Blackboard asked them to share their tips for success. Download the paper (PDF)

Funding Your Blackboard Solutions

Find details on funding options available under The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB) and other federal programs to support the purchase of Blackboard solutions.
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Online Assessment

Planning for Online Learning
Assess your readiness to implement an online learning program and learn where you should get started.

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The Blackboard Institute draws from Blackboard's global community to surface and share actionable, practice-driven guidance on how education institutions are leveraging technology to build better education experiences.

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