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Communications Case Study Archive

Improve Student Achievement By Involving Parents

When Federal Way Public Schools administrators needed to improve communication between parents and schools, they turned to the Blackboard Connect service to deliver consistent, targeted messages, including attendance, grade threshold, and positive feedback notifications.
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Keeping Students Safe and Secure

Recent prison breaks threatened the safety and security of the Castaic Union School District Community. Multiple school lock downs were enforced and the district needed a way to keep parents informed of the latest information they were receiving from local police. Learn how frequent communication between the school and home kept parents informed of the safety of their children.
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Targeted Messages To Students Homes Helps Boost Attendance

With school attendance playing a major role in student success, New Hanover County Schools in NC is continually looking for ways to decrease absences and get more children to classrooms. Despite budget restraints, New Hanover county implemented the AlertNow technology to send messages to the home and open lines of communication with parents, resulting in personnel cost savings and greater efficiencies in the district.
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Consistent Communication Results in Measurable District Improvements

Prior to 2008, the Beaufort County schools in NC had limited communication within the district and to students’ homes. The district implemented AlertNow to facilitate messaging on a variety of issues, which has resulted in improved parental involvement and savings in both dollars and human resource hours.
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Danvers Public Schools Provides Post-Crisis Reassurance to Parents

In an emergency, a notification system's ability to provide reassurance is extremely important - especially when children are involved. Read how the Blackboard Connect service assisted the administration of the Danvers School District in Massachusetts during a crisis situation.
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Spring ISD Switches to Blackboard Connect for Consistent and Reliable Service

When Spring Independent School District’s notification service failed to deliver messages in a timely manner, the district switched to Blackboard Connect to ensure consistent, reliable communication with parents, staff and the community.
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Muscogee County School District Connects With Parents During an Emergency

When a gas leak was discovered near near a high school in Muscogee County, administrators first evacuated students to a secure location and then used Blackboard Connect to quickly contact parents with both incident information and reassurance that all students were out of harm’s way.
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Lyons Central School District Boosts Student Achievement

When one district needed to quickly remind students of upcoming PSAT college entrance exams, the Blackboard Connect platform made it easy to contact parents about this important step on the road to college admission.
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Orange Unified School Districts and Egg Harbortown Schools Switch Back to Blackboard Connect

For two school districts, switching from the Blackboard Connect platform to alternate providers resulted in missed communications, slow delivery times, and lost staff hours. Learn why they returned to the provider they can trust.
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La Mesa-Spring Valley Reaches Parents Through Multimodal Communications

See how the Blackboard Connect service enabled La Mesa-Spring Valley in California to fully automate daily and period attendance without changing procedures, and realize a significant return on their mass notification investment.
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St. Charles Parish Public School District Stays Connected During Hurricane Katrina

Learn how the Blackboard Connect service was used to notify a school community during Hurricane Katrina.
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Marion County Public Schools Targets District Communications to Involve Parents

Learn how this rural school district in north-central Florida is communicating with a widely scattered population and boosting parental involvement by targeting specifically defined groups with relevant information.
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Fargo's Community Outreach

Read how when flooding threatened Fargo's schools, they kept their community informed.
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