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Client Stories

See how your peers are making a difference using technology in their classrooms.

Driving Engagement & Achievement

Standards are getting more difficult to meet. Students are harder to reach. Expectations are rising as fast as technology is changing. Teachers are pressed for time. Blackboard's solutions offer a way to engage students and impact their performance using the technology and the devices they already rely on.

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Multiple District Perspectives on Driving Student Success

Discover how several districts across the country have boosted student engagement and improved communication with parents through innovative technology initiatives using Blackboard's K-12 solutions. Play video (3:12)

Read the Mooresville School Case Study

Blackboard Learn – The Glue for Digital Success in Mooresville Schools, NC

Learn how Mooresville developed a strategic plan with an ambitious mission: “Prepare every student, every day to be a successful and responsible citizen in a global workplace and community.” Read the case study (PDF)

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Boost Student Achievement with School to Home Communications

Join us for a web presentation as Federal Way Public Schools share the successes of an innovative program that alerts parents when their child’s grade falls to a C- or below. They have also implemented a similar tool that informs parents of positive achievements in the classroom. Federal Way relies on integrated technology systems to regularly and automatically feed important academic information from the school to the home.
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Three K-12 Districts Go Mobile: Engaging Students through the Devices They Love

Find out how Arlington Public Schools, Briarcliff Manor UFSD and Amarillo Independent School District have integrated mobile learning into the classroom to enhance instruction and keep students engaged using Blackboard Mobile™ Learn. Read the case study (PDF)

 Students today are very tech-savvy and comfortable with technology and the flexibility of online insutrction. Whether they are fine arts or magnet students, athletes or those enrolled for credit recovery, they enjoy the individual choices they make in regards to when, where, and how long they participate in their virtual course. 

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Expanding Curriculum Options

Offering a diverse set of curriculum options to your students and community is more important than ever for K-12. With pressure to deliver a growing number of AP courses along with credit recovery programs, the need for growth is felt everywhere. Geographic coverage areas expand every year and highly qualified teachers are in great demand.  These issues, combined with competition from private online providers, create a tough dilemma for the traditional classroom infrastructure. This is where Blackboard technology solutions can help. 

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Virtual Education. Established Momentum. New Opportunities.

This report provides new insights into successful models in virtual education and offers encouragement to educators who see the potential to evolve their virtual education programs, as well as to those in the initial planning or early development stages for virtual education initiatives.
Read the case study (PDF)

Click to download delivering online credit recovery pdf

Delivering Online Credit Recovery

Featuring St. Tammany Parish Public Schools: Join St. Tammany Parish Public Schools (LA) for a web presentation on how this district is using online credit recovery, delivered through a virtual school, to engage students with personalized learning opportunities and maximize district resources in order to increase graduation rates.
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 Districts need to compete and offer options to support the needs of their communities. Quality virtual education helps districts do just that. 

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Implementing Technology to Save Money

Be more efficient and you’ll save more money. Sounds simple. But we all know it’s not. Fortunately, today technology can help all of us get ahead of the game. The right solutions can streamline processes; provide instant access to information and to people; eliminate time-consuming tasks; help engage more students; and secure funding. At Blackboard we have solutions that can help.

Read the Mooresville School Case Study

Five Ways for School Districts to do More with Less

State and local schools systems everywhere are facing budgetary pressures and the possibility of significant reductions. Learn how 5 school districts are fighting the current economic challenges by reducing costs without negatively affecting the quality and direction of their instructional programs. Read the case study (PDF)

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Districts Save Resources and Improve Outcomes

Innovative K-12 schools and districts are using Blackboard to both save resources and improve outcomes for students. This short video highlights three institutions who have successfully reduced costs by publishing online, providing online professional development for teachers, and streamlining administrative processes. Watch the video >

 We had to train nearly 5,000 teachers to use a new product for taking attendance and entering grades.  The training was scheduled to last for four hours per teacher.  Each teacher would have to be paid $25 per hour for summer time stipend.  That cost alone would have been $500,000 (5,000x4x$25).  Using Blackboard to deliver the training we had zero costs associated with stipends.  This cost savings does not consider the time and labor savings associated with the logistics of planning, scheduling and handling the payment of teachers. 

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Effective Communication Between Parents, Students, and Teachers

District leaders are faced with a growing need to reach parents, teachers, staff, and administrators with quick and relevant information. With Blackboard solutions you can connect with your audience easier than ever by communicating with them on the devices they prefer and through the tools they already use. You can target and customize your messaging. You can do it in an efficient manner for yourself and your administration.

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Reach Everyone In Your District

Watch this video to see how K-12 districts are Bridging Communication Gaps Within their Community Play video (4:22)

Read the Mooresville School Case Study

Communicating and Growing Throughout Montessori Schools in New Jersey

With a robust feature set and an online parent portal, AlertNow enables school administrators to communicate directly with their families, supporting efforts to maintain current operations and sharing plans for growth. Read the case study (PDF

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Engage and Involve Parents with Blackboard Connect

Hear from two school districts in Michigan and Washington state who are sending targeted messages through Blackboard Connect™ and AlertNow™ mass communication tools to parents in their districts. Also hear from two parents about their reaction to district communications that provide for them messages about their child's attendance status, district events, safety and security issues and more. Watch the webinar >

 Blackboard software is a core component for how we communicate and disseminate information internally and externally. 

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Teacher Efficiency and Effectiveness

Today there is a growing burden on teachers and staff. Time-consuming tasks and daily challenges such as grading, testing demands and growing class sizes are taking valuable time away from providing students the personalized attention they need. Blackboard solutions can help streamline and automate processes to free up time, and make everyone more efficient and learning more effective.

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How Technology Helps

Teachers explain how online tools have made them more efficient and effective.
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Read the Mooresville School Case Study
Moving Online in Cobb County School District, GA

Learn how Cobb County School District conquered the challenge of rigorous state-mandated teacher certification requirements utilizing Professional Development courses within the Blackboard Learning System™. Read the case study (PDF)

 We can use Blackboard technology to provide online professional development opportunities and to facilitate discussions and synchronous online meetings. 

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