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Outcomes Assessment: Know How To Improve

Accountability is a big issue in higher education. With state budgets and grant pools shrinking, and unflattering retention and graduation statistics, the natural question being asked is, are we getting out of our colleges and universities a value equal to our investment?

What tools does your institution have to measure program quality? How do you know if your graduates can demonstrate command of the requisite knowledge? How do you measure the value of a programmatic or pedagogical alteration? How do you what changes will materially improve learning outcomes for each particular course?

Outcomes Assessment Solutions from Blackboard

By utilizing Blackboard solutions you can more effectively prove what’s working and improve what’s not.

  • Blackboard Learn™ 9.1, the industry-leading LMS, is the starting point for measuring learning outcomes. With gradable, interactive rubrics and a rich database full of student activity and performance information, it offers you a strong foundation to significantly improve the education experience.
  • Add Outcomes Assessment for Blackboard Learn and you’ll have a complete toolset to take measurement, artifact collection and alignment of goals and standards to a whole new level.
  • Blackboard Analytics™ also assists you with a higher education-specific data warehousing solution with rich dimensions and measures that support accreditation needs.

Get a more effective solution for improving measurement and learning outcomes. Contact Blackboard today.


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