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Vibrant Campus Commerce Profits Everyone

If your campus doesn’t provide auxiliary services as good as the community around you, then your students will become somebody else’s customers. The good news is your campus is the hub, so you get first dibs on providing that fee-based service—whether it’s vending machines, food counters, parking services, or copy and print services.

Imagine the possibilities of an e-Wallet tied to a student ID card

A student walks up to a vending machine, taps a pad on the machine with his student ID and a healthy juice and snack ring up on your campus commerce dashboard. Then, he wanders over to the tutoring center and buys tutoring time paying with that same student ID. Or to the bookstore for a new sweatshirt.

Later he meets up with friends for pre-game appetizers at a local restaurant, and pays for the food using his ID there, too. At the end of the day he uses his iPhone to check his balance.

That’s a reality of an improved student experience. With the Blackboard Transact™ platform you can significantly improve the student experience and your campus commerce. Your institution becomes the hub of revenue. Your students become loyal, repeat buyers of profitable services.

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