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Lower Developmental Education Costs While Improving Learning Outcomes

With an estimated 60 percent of all first year community college students needing at least one remedial course, the institutional cost of re-teaching basic skills to incoming students is a real problem for higher ed administrators. Shrinking budgets add to that pressure, yet increasing class sizes and staffing them with non-tenured adjuncts and graduate assistants provides poorer learning outcomes to those students most at risk.

Blackboard Developmental Education is a Cost-effective, Flexible Alternative

To solve this conundrum, the Blackboard Developmental Education™ platform offers a cost-effective, flexible alternative to the traditional approach of having adjuncts and graduate assistants teach ever-increasing sections of remedial courses. Rather, by harnessing the resources and proven results of K12, Inc. – the largest provider of K12 virtual courses – Blackboard Developmental Education offers content-adaptive, fully online, accredited remedial courses at significantly reduced costs, with proven, improved learning outcomes.

Blackboard Development Education includes:

 This is the kind of innovative thinking and fresh approach we need if we're ever going to seriously attack this issue... Institutions can't cut costs and improve remediation without new ideas and new options. 
  • Excellent, customizable course materials
  • Proven course pedagogy
  • Highly qualified instructors
  • Specialty labs
  • Student-accessible 24/7 technical support
  • An on-campus mentor
  • Significant costs savings over campus-taught Dev Ed courses

There’s an easier way to lower developmental education costs while improving outcomes.
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