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Know More. Sell More.

We've joined forces with to dramatically impact the way businesses train and educate their sales teams. Built on the platform and integrated with Salesforce CRM, this new application helps improve employee knowledge and retention through a more engaging social learning experience.

It's ideal for online sales training, sales enablement programs, on-boarding and new product rollouts.

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With Blackboard Learn for Salesforce you can:

  • Speed up time-to-productivity
  • Deliver and measure training's impact across all sales channels
  • Train customers faster, improve brand loyalty and increase product utilization
  • Make it easy for partners and resellers to become experts on your business
  • And much more.

Improved Performance at Every Level

Sales trainers

The average sales representative spends hours every day using Salesforce—the one place where a trainer always has a captive audience. Bringing training to Salesforce encourages participation, engagement, and improves sales skills.

Sales managers

Dashboards and reports tie learning data to sales performance and business objectives. Sales managers can measure performance against training time, and assign training based on skill gaps.

Service teams

With easy-to-use tools for formal and informal training, it's easy to get customers and business partners up to speed—quickly and cost-effectively.

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