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Impact on Membership

Associations serve different purposes for different members. Some look to these organizations for technical training. Others are more concerned with networking opportunities. Still others focus on lobbying efforts to promote awareness and well-being of their profession. No matter what the interest, it is critical for associations to provide real value that members cannot find anywhere else.

Offering dynamic, engaging professional development opportunities is one way of accomplishing that task. While many associations offer their members convenient, timely training and development through e-learning, it rarely goes beyond the minimum content required for fulfilling continuing education credits.

Blackboard Learn™ for Associations goes well beyond webinars, podcasts, self-paced courses, and other presentation models that barely scratch the surface of the available methods of instruction. It provides a continuous learning environment designed for maximum impact on your members, enabling them to be better equip for any challenges they encounter on the job.

While still allowing for use of traditional, formal learning tools, the platform supports a wide range of media-rich content, connections to social networks, and collaboration and discussion groups. These are just the sort of added-value resources your members are hungry for.

Associations like yours can use the Blackboard Learn platform to enhance the effectiveness of your educational efforts. You’ll see the results in the form of a knowledgeable member base, a vibrant and connected community, and improved retention rates.

Value by Association
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