Monday, 8 April, 17:20 – 18:20, Great Hall

Jess PoettckerJessica Poettcker

Jessica is a Student Engagement Consultant (Technology-enhanced Learning) at the National Union of Students UK. Join Jess at the Keynote address at 5.20pm on Monday, 8 April in the Great Hall, Main Building.  In her presentation, “The Student Experience” Jess will discuss a UK student’s typical expectation of the academic provision and the technology surrounding it!

Monday, 8 April, 14:00 – 15:00, Great Hall

Matt SmallMatthew Small

Matt is President of Blackboard International.  We are excited to have Matt join us at the Welcome Address and Blackboard Keynote presentation on Monday, 8th April at 2.00pm where he will give an overview of Blackboard’s work with educational institutions across the globe, and more particularly in Europe, and discuss how Blackboard intends to play a part in future developments.


Jessica FinnefrockJessica Finnefrock

As Senior Vice President for Blackboard Learn Products, Jessica Finnefrock leads Blackboard’s product strategy, development and support teams and serves as a member of Blackboard’s executive team. She is Blackboard’s longest-serving product development chief, and is responsible for identifying and pursuing the vision for Blackboard Learn with a team of over 200 passionate staff members in locations across the globe. Jessica has been with Blackboard since 2002 and has the unique distinction among Blackboard executives of having met her husband at a Blackboard conference. She holds a Master’s degree in History from George Mason University, and a B.A. degree in History from The Johns Hopkins University.