There’s a level of energy and confidence in Birmingham that’s clear the moment you arrive. With undeniable and enviable connectivity, located in the heart of the UK, Birmingham’s incredible range of world-class venues and state-of-the-art facilities make it the envy of other major cities around the world.

Accommodation, amenities, and entertainment – in Birmingham, everything is nearby, from Michelin-starred dining to dazzling theatre productions and designer shopping, Birmingham really does offer it all.

Proud of its distinctive heritage, yet energised by the youngest population in Europe, Birmingham’s transformation into a dynamic, cosmopolitan, accessible and welcoming conference city has been truly remarkable.

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The city of Birmingham has staged more World and European championships than any other UK city.
Birmingham has 3 Michelin-starred restaurants, Simpsons, Purnell’s and Turners – more than any other UK regional city
Birmingham Hippodrome is the UK’s most visited theatre with 500,000 patrons attending each year
Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery has the world’s largest collection of pre-Raphaelite art
Birmingham was the pre-training base camp for the USA and Jamaican track and field teams in the run-up to 2012 Olympic Games
Famous food brands from Birmingham include Cadbury’s chocolate, HP Sauce, Bird’s Custard and Typhoo Tea
The city was a powerhouse of the Industrial Revolution and home to three of the greatest thinkers of their time: Watt, inventor of the steam engine, Boulton, manufacturer and business partner of Watt, and Murdoch, pioneer of gas lighting.
Birmingham remains one of the greenest cities in the UK, with over 8000 acres of parks and open space.
JRR Tolkein gained inspiration from his childhood haunts in Birmingham and translated them into The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. The imagery he created can be traced back to places and buildings in the city, including ‘The Two Towers’.
The world’s largest collection of licensed album covers, including iconic art from bands such as Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and the Beatles, can be found in the city’s St Pauls Gallery.
Birmingham’s Electric Cinema is the UK’s oldest working cinema, and celebrated its centenary in 2009
Energised by the youngest population in Europe, Birmingham is a hotbed of creativity, inspiration and cultural fusion. And yet you’re never far away from physical reminders of the city’s long and proud history of trade and innovation.
Birmingham is a modern city that has everything within easy reach by day or night. The city centre is alive with possibilities and the promise of authentic new experiences.