Are you ready to upgrade?

Having complete information to plan and implement an upgrade is essential. There are many factors that influence how quickly and easily your upgrade will go. We have developed this simple tool to help you identify important next steps, as well as estimate how long it may take your organization to upgrade to Blackboard Learn™, Release 9.1. The tool will then share a list of custom resources that will help ensure your success.

To use this tool there are 3 easy steps:

Responses to the following twelve yes or no questions will provide the necessary information to assess your organization’s timeline:

1. Decision: Are you in the process of making a decision or have you made the decision to upgrade to Blackboard Learn, Release 9.1?
2. Resources: Does your institution/organization have the personnel resources available to execute the upgrade?
3. Technology: Are you familiar with the new enhancements in Release 9.1?
4. Upgrade  Approach: Has your institution determined its upgrade path from your existing Blackboard technology to Release 9.1?

* All answers required

5. Infrastructure: Have you determined your infrastructure needs for running Release 9.1 and procured the hardware/software for test and development (T&D) and production systems, as necessary?
If you are currently a Blackboard Managed Hosting client or plan to move to Blackboard Managed Hosting for the upgrade, then please answer YES.
6. Integrations: Have you identified all integrations with your existing Blackboard technology and developed a plan for maintaining continuity when upgrading to Release 9.1?
If you do not have integrations, then please answer YES
7. 3rd-Party Tools: Have you inventoried your 3rd party tools you want to use with the new release and verified with the vendor that they have been updated for Release 9.1?
If you are not using 3rd party tools, then please answer YES
8. Content: Have you reviewed a sampling of courses from your existing version in Release 9.1? This sampling could be representative of various departments, faculties, schools, etc.

* All answers required

9. Support: Have you assessed the readiness of end-user support/help-desk procedures and staff?
10. Training: Have you developed a comprehensive training plan?
11. Communication & Marketing: Have you developed a comprehensive communication plan to build enthusiasm and manage change among all users?
12. Pilot: Are you in the process of conducting or have you already conducted a pilot of Release 9.1?

* All answers required

Tell us a little about yourself:

First name:
Version of Blackboard software currently running at your institution/organization:
Last name:
If you have made the decision to upgrade, what is the estimated date for your upgrade?
Email Address:

Your estimated timeframe*: 12 Months

To assist with your upgrade planning, we have developed a checklist to guide your efforts.

Download your Checklist

In addition, Blackboard offers a variety of tools, resources, and services to assist you. Visit these sites and review the materials provided to learn more.

Your Recommended Tools & Resources:

Other Helpful Tools & Resources:

Training Services

Leverage our expertise to prepare your instructors and learners.

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Consulting Services

Let our experts support your planning and integration efforts.

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Managed Hosting Services

Let us take care of upgrading your system for you and providing continuous support to your teaching and learning community.

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*The timeframe is an estimate. The actual time investment for upgrading is dependent on many variables such as personnel resources and their skill-sets, access to necessary hardware/software, breadth and depth of system testing, maturity of system use (i.e. breadth and depth of courses and users), and prioritization of projects.