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Student Lifecycle Services

Partnering to provide students with better guidance, better support, and better outcomes throughout their education journey.


A match made in the 21st century—pair students with programs that will allow them to flourish.

Market Research

Form a clear picture of the perfect student for your institution, how you are different, and how you are positioned in the marketplace.

Program Strategy & Development

Discover which programs to invest in for success in your region and beyond: based on employer and student demand, taking into consideration the competitive landscape, and what best fits your institution.

Brand Positioning

Your institution has a place in the minds of potential students. A personality. A brand. Learn to realize the full potential of your brand to attract the right students to help you grow and stand out.

Investment Analysis

Using data insights, benchmarks and modeling, you can most accurately forecast to achieve your enrollment goals.

Blackboard Analytics

Employ advanced technology to holistically analyze your institution throughout the student lifecycle. This provides insights allowing you to enroll and retain more students, while allocating resources most effectively and efficiently.

Predictive Modeling

Get insights through advanced analytics that lead to solutions across the student lifecycle, as well as specifically for enrollment, financial aid, student engagement and retention.

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Don’t leave potential students hanging. Generate awareness and then provide guidance through the entire enrollment process.

Marketing & Media

Connect with more of your prospective students. Make sure they hear the right message through channels that are most relevant to them – then measure and optimize for greater success.

Creative Services

Develop and holistically execute a creative strategy though all media. Build the perfect message to match your institution’s brand to the right students – then make the process easy and intuitive for them, from application through enrollment.

Enrollment Services

Build long-term relationships with learners from the start. Answer questions, provide support, make the process smooth, and turn potential students into enrolled students.

Enrollment Playbook

This is your blueprint to enrollment success. Define your goals and to whom you’re talking, then outline an effective communication stream to reach them, build a relationship, and pull them through to matriculation.

CRM Deployment

Optimize your lead management program to turn prospective students into enrolled students. Blackboard guides you from enrollment lifecycle strategy to e-mail templates and call scripts, tracking success at each step.

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Student Services

Give today’s students the real-time personalized service they need to move closer to their goals.

Blackboard SmartView

The search is over. SmartView consolidates student information in one dashboard, so support staff can provide answers to student questions when students want them – NOW.

Financial Aid

Don’t let administrative issues become an obstacle to education. Bridge the gap between financial need and financial aid to help students stay enrolled.

Student Accounts

Learners need guidance through the entire student lifecycle – from enrollment to financial aid and retention services. Provide live assistance to help students make important decisions and achieve their goals. Identify at-risk students and take action to steer them toward success.

Help Desk

Combine resources and technology to provide convenient, always-on, live student support. Solve student problems quickly and simply, without multiple contacts – and you’ll keep them.

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USM - Sheri Rawls

Blackboard came in with an objective perspective, and what we got back was a clear picture – from the actual numbers to what should be reinvested back.Sheri Rawls, Director of the Learning Enhancement Center,
The University of Southern Mississippi

How We Can Help

Our team can partner with your organization to address both short and long term needs.


  • Make decisions on program priorities and investment
  • Understand your competition and top differentiators
  • Identify student profiles, needs and motivations
  • Identify brand strengths and weaknesses
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  • Plan a healthy mix of paid, earned, owned and social media
  • Buy, analyze and optimize paid media
  • Identify gaps in your lead nurturing process
  • Augment enrollment resources and scale for growth
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Student Services

  • Provide live assistance to students
  • Identify at-risk students and take action
  • Get students the information they need in one call
  • Minimize administrative hurdles to impact retention
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Emery-Riddle Worldwide

Over the course of the year, we were able to increase our admitted applicants by 2,000. Sometimes there's a tendency to say that technology can fix every problem, but in this situation that wasn't the case. We did need the power of people.Becky Vasquez, CTO, Embry-Riddle Worldwide

Our Expertise

Blackboard works with more institutions than anyone in the industry, giving us unique expertise in the business of education. Our data insights and deep understanding of today’s learner can help your institution succeed.

Dr. Darcy Hardy

Dr. Darcy Hardy

Associate VP, Enterprise Consulting

Chad Bandy

Chad Bandy

VP, Student Services

Christina Fleming

Christina Fleming

Senior Director, Marketing and Enrollment Services

Jacqueline Hammond

Jacqueline Hammond

Senior Director, Marketing and Enrollment Services

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