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Hear from CEO Michael Chasen on how Blackboard Learn Service Pack 6 gives you the tools you need to meet the expectations of students and educators.

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Make grading fair and consistent with Interactive Rubrics

I am extremely excited about the Interactive Rubrics in Service Pack 6, especially as it relates to the student experience. Making rubrics visible to students will allow them to know exactly what it takes to get an A on an assignment and it will increase transparency of the grading process. I also look forward to using this new tool to efficiently and consistently provide feedback to students across all types of assessments and assignments.

Annette Ingram,

Lewis & Clark Community College

Interactive Rubric

Keep pace with today's stringent grading requirements. With interactive rubrics in Blackboard Learn, you can be more efficient and more effective with your time. You'll be able to reach students when it matters most. Students will have an easier time evaluating their work and adjusting their strategies. Together, you can stay on top of their performance in real time.

Your content, your choice with Common Cartridge 1.1

One of our top criteria for choosing products is how open they are. Blackboard is doing a much better job at demonstrating their commitment to openness.

Santo Nucifora,

Seneca College

Common Cartridge 1.1

Flexibility can give you the strongest foundation. Common Cartridge 1.1 support in Blackboard Learn helps you do more with what you're already comfortable using. Any course you build or content you bring into Blackboard Learn you can get out of Blackboard Learn. Tools from other systems work in it. Previous courses from other systems run in it. Library or community content is easily accessible, manipulated, exported or shared. Suddenly, you have no limits.

More content with the McGraw-Hill Integration

This solution is the best blending of content and learning management offerings that I've encountered, by far. Instead of the frustration of managing different files and having my students shuttling between separate systems, this solution is seamless. Instead of busywork, I can spend my time focusing on my students and their development.

Vickie Fry,

Adjunct Professor and Coordinator of Institutional Research,

Westmoreland County Community College

McGraw-Hill Connect and Create Integration

Give your instructors instant access to the comprehensive digital content of McGraw-Hill—from one convenient resource. You’ll see incredible impact almost instantly. With media rich content, assessment engines, and industry-leading adaptive learning tools instructors can breathe life into education. They’ll have more capabilities to influence student performance in real time. Students will have more resources, more engaging, relevant content. Everyone will have easy access to everything they need in a single sign-on.

Grading made easy with Needs Grading

My favorite feature in Blackboard Learn, Release 9.1 is the grading view. I like being able to configure a view to show what is left to grade. In addition, the ability to include comments to students from within the Discussion Grader is very helpful and much more efficient for the instructor. It is so much easier than emailing each student a
separate comment afterward!

Mark Alexander,

Regional Dean, Online

Indiana Wesleyan University

Needs Grading View

Bring everything together and you're closer to achieving your goals. With a unified dashboard to simplify the tedious aspects of your job, everything you need to grade is in one place. Grading, processing, and updating is far easier now. Students are instantly notified, so you can influence & performance in real time. It's the most efficient way to make your workflow actually flow. Easier. Faster. Better.

User Experience designed by educators for educators

I found Release 9.1 to be a lot easier to work with, much more intuitive. I can click on a feature and follow the directions and do not have to have someone standing with me.

Dr. Betty Shiffman,

Associate Professor of English,

Jefferson Community and Technical College

User Experience Team

Designed by educators for educators, Blackboard Learn 9.1 brings all the familiar learning tools you rely on together with efficient and effective workflows. Our dedicated user experience team is focused on improving the way things work. They develop processes that work the way you do.

Free tutorials with the On-Demand Learning Center

We have found the resources and videos in the On Demand Learning Center a very valuable resource in familiarising both ourselves and our staff with the new version. The videos are very short and task-focused and cover exactly the sort of things that instructors need to know to develop their course and engage their learners so there was no need to develop our own videos. I’ve also found it useful to read some of the good practice advice – after all it’s not just about the ‘how to’ but about using these tools to enhance the
teaching & learning experience.

Nadja Guggi,

Enhancement Officer, Centre for Development of Teaching & Learning,

University of Reading

On Demand Learning Center

The right technology should be as easy to learn as it is to use. With the Blackboard On Demand Learning Center, you can get up and running in no time. You can learn to use the new features in Blackboard Learn 9.1 in a snap and come back anytime to be refreshed on key steps in just 60 to 90 seconds. And that's all without involving the IT guys at all. Our easy to use tools will help you manage change and growth easier than ever.

Upgrade Cohort Program

Designed to prepare you for the transition to the latest version of Blackboard Learn.

Join an upgrade program specifically designed to transition your institution to Blackboard Learn™ 9.1, or if you are already on Blackboard Learn 9.1, facilitate the upgrade to Service Pack 6 (SP6). The program includes a free series of virtual meetings that feature best practices and advice from Blackboard and peers who have done it all before. Each week, we focus on a different upgrade topic to help guide you through the planning process.

Just how successful are these programs? 90% of participants feel better prepared for their upgrade as a direct result of the Upgrade Cohort Program.

More about the Cohort Program:

  • Cohorts are offered for Classic or CE/Vista clients moving to Learn 9.1 and/or SP6.
  • Live weekly sessions, 60 minutes in length, allow for networking, feedback and best practice exchange.
  • Recorded sessions are available to view if you miss a session or want to review
  • Includes a course site for discussions, upgrade resources,
    and recorded sessions.

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As you make your plans and consider the options, take advantage of the free tools and resources made available to help you through the upgrade steps.

Blackboard Learn 9.1 Webinars

Attend a webinar and learn about the newest functionality offered in Release 9.1. Choose the webinar specific to your license type and hear how what Release 9.1 has to offer you.

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Upgrade Center

This website offers a comprehensive combination of tools and resources to ease the change management process and facilitate adoption. You’ll find documentation, webinars, preview tools, free tutorials and more, all customized and organized by license type and hosting scenario.

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Upgrade Readiness Tool

Assess your institution's readiness to move to Blackboard Learn 9.1. Follow the Upgrade Readiness Tool's 3 easy steps to get a Release 9.1 upgrade time estimate, activities checklist and recommended resources.

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