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A scalable solution for the millennial student

Instructors create personalized paths to course completion for students while advancing them through a structured program that leads them towards clear and achievable outcomes. And institutions benefit from a cost-effective, scalable solution that helps improve student outcomes while also enabling instructors to focus on core concepts the student has not yet mastered.

Personalized Student Experience

Blackboard DevEd surrounds the student with a solid program designed to optimize valuable institutional resources while creating an atmosphere of personalized student attention. Our focus: measurable outcomes. To achieve this, Blackboard will work closely with your institution to establish a turnkey solution for future success.

Measurable Outcomes

Students can progress to subsequent developmental courses, if needed, or transition successfully to coursework that leads them to a degree and a career. Blackboard's initial pilots delivered positive results. Blackboard works with every client that implements our remediation solution to analyze student outcomes and the financial savings it offers.

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