How It Works

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Powered by Blackboard Technology

Students have the flexibility to master course materials based on their schedule—not someone else's. And with round-the-clock support through Blackboard Student ServicesSM, Blackboard DevEd students have the personalized support they need, when they need it:

Blackboard Developmental Education is a complete solution. Our program is powered by Blackboard Learn, Collaborate, Student Services and Managed Hosting so that you can have a fully supported solution for your institution.

Blackboard Developmental Education is powered by the following Blackboard technologies:
Blackboard LearnTM, Releases 9.1 and 8.0 Our powerful learning management system
Blackboard CollaborateTM For virtual classrooms and live collaboration
Blackboard Student ServicesSM Real-time support provided by knowledgeable, virtualized staff
Blackboard Managed HostingSM For reliable uptime and accessibility