How It Works

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Campus-Appointed Mentors

Our online instructors partner with a mentor designated by the institution to help provide the right intervention at the right time for students in Blackboard DevEd courses. Mentors bridge “life” and learning for students, serving as one more support mechanism to keep students focused on success. The mentor is the main point-of-contact on campus for the online Blackboard DevEd instructor.

Although not responsible for teaching the course, mentors can define how large their role will be in evolving and adapting Blackboard Developmental Education to fit within their institution’s own remediation program. With access to real-time analytical reports, mentors have the ability to assess and monitor student progress in great detail. This knowledge and insight can help them transform their institution’s developmental education program while potentially improving student engagement, retention and graduation rates.

Choosing a Mentor

An ideal Blackboard DevEd mentor may be one of the following:

Once chosen, mentors will be invited to attend a Blackboard DevEd orientation session and will have ongoing support throughout the program.

I was in contact with the instructor for my course every day. She was tenacious about staying on top of the students, and we made sure, via email and phone, that at least one of us was in touch with students when they fell behind or struggled.