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The purpose of this course is to allow the student to gain mastery in working with and evaluating mathematical expressions, equations, graphs, and other topics in a year-long algebra course. Topics included are real numbers, simplifying real number expressions with and without variables, solving linear equations and inequalities, solving quadratic equations, graphing linear and quadratic equations, polynomials, factoring, linear patterns, linear systems of equality and inequality, simple matrices, sequences, and radicals. Assessments within the course include multiple-choice, short answer, or extended response questions. Also included in this course are self-check quizzes, audio tutorials, and interactive games.

The course content has been appropriately chunked into smaller topics to increase retention and expand opportunities for assessment. With each topic, diagnostic quizzes are presented to the student, allowing students to pass through areas of content. Audio readings are included with every portion of content, allowing auditory learners the opportunity to engage with the course. Test pools and randomized test questions are utilized in pre- and post-topic quizzes as well as unit exams, ensuring that students taking the course will not be presented with the same exams.

The course includes additional practice activities (such as cloze activities), as well
as pre-topic vocabulary lists, that introduce key vocabulary in English and in Spanish.


After completing this course, students will be able to:



Recommended 12 to 16 weeks

(E) = ELL – Assistive Content Included in this Course