How It Works

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Course Offering

Blackboard offers postsecondary institutions options to expand and diversify developmental education course selections in their course catalogs.

Developed for Blackboard LearnTM and hosted by Blackboard Managed HostingSM, our Virtual Course is an innovative and reliable online alternative to traditional classroom offerings. Blackboard Building Blocks enable students to access their Blackboard DevEd course through the Blackboard Learn platform. Building Blocks are available for Blackboard Learn versions 8.0 and 9.1. 

Our Methodology

  • Problem-based learning with real-life examples is tied into our methodology so that students are given the opportunity to master concepts and also demonstrate how to apply the knowledge.
  • Through our adaptive release approach, students can move through material quickly if they score well and prove mastery. Or, if they perform poorly, they are required to review the current unit which includes instruction on specific objectives, re-teaching of key vocabulary as well as additional opportunities for practice.

About the Course

  • Each course is built on the curriculum success of our partner, K12 Inc., the largest provider of online education in the K-12 market.  Aventa Learning by K12 is the foundational curriculum used in Blackboard DevEd.
  • Objectives to be mastered for each unit are defined clearly and are crafted from educational research and deep content expertise.
  • Built on the Blackboard LearnTM platform, our online content is easy-to-navigate, and includes summaries and reviews, with more time and effort spent on the hardest, most important topics and skills.
  • Our math courses keep students engaged with media-rich content, including games, video, simulations and animations.
  • Clear assessment tools are used to measure mastery of lesson objectives.
  • The course is branded as your institution’s online alternative to the classroom equivalent—the course will appear in your course catalog as an offering from your institution, and our instructors will represent themselves as your institution’s instructors.  Blackboard DevEd will be seamlessly integrated and “invisible” to your students.

How the Course Works

  • An experienced and qualified Blackboard DevEd instructor teaches his or her subject area using state-of-the-art, online classroom tools such as Blackboard CollaborateTM (Elluminate). These sessions are live and recorded for later review by students.
  • Our Blackboard Customer Experience team collaborates with institutions to provide students with a course orientation prior to the first day of class. Blackboard DevEd instructors show students how to access and navigate their coursework, setting expectations and online classroom requirements ahead of time.
  • Our instructors provide regular weekly assignments and pacing schedules for students and check in with them frequently to make sure they understand their course materials.
  • Campus-Appointed Mentors are generally tutors, professors, teaching assistants or counselors at your institution who partner with our instructors to help coach the students to complete the course.

Current Course Catalog

Blackboard DevEd offers three developmental math courses which may be used as replacement courses, or as part of a bridge program or workforce development:

Integrated Math >

Basic Algebra >

Intermediate Algebra >

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