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Leveraging the Blackboard LearnTM Platform

Blackboard DevEd technology allows for coordination of courses and enrollments between your technology systems and ours. Download a Blackboard Building BlockTM for single signon access to the Virtual Course through the Blackboard Learn platform, releases 9.1 and 8.0. We'll walk clients through each stage of rolling out Blackboard DevEd at their schools, starting with the installation of the building block.

Institutions that are not currently using these releases or are using another learning management system may also take advantage of Blackboard DevEd through an alternate direct-access solution.

Blackboard Developmental Education is based on per-enrollee pricing, making it a scalable and cost-effective solution. Institutions may wish to trial Blackboard DevEd first with a select group of students to establish the framework for seamless delivery on a larger scale.

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The students don't necessarily struggle because of a lack of motivation. It's because they get frustrated when they can't teach themselves the material and don't know what to do. When they use Blackboard Developmental Education's collaborative and interactive features, they can get a lot of helpful guidance in this area.