The Story

Building Great Products: A Video


Our goal is to create beautiful designs that are easy to use and support the academic journey. Specifically, we aim to:

  • Design interactions that are easy to learn and powerful to leverage
  • Produce a visual design language that highlights content and capability, minimizing decoration in order to maximize communication
  • Leverage motion to aid in understanding and add moments of delight

Our design language is based on principles of approachable simplicity, intended to resonate with an audience of students, parents, faculty, and alumni.

  • Our base aesthetic is simple and monochromatic, and color is used for meaning rather than decoration
  • Motion is used playfully, to encourage particular interactions and exploration
  • Our interaction language is powerful and forgiving, allowing for and encouraging exploration

The Language

We’ve developed a holistic design language system that you can leverage in developing capabilities with Blackboard. Learn about our design language and how we use it to build a broad and familiar set of products.

The Resources

We’re assembling a component library, design specifications, and other templates that can be leveraged in further product development. Browse through our library of resources and templates.