Featured Sessions

Business, Associations, Government, and Military

Featured Sessions for Business, Associations, Government, and Military

We’re doing a few things differently at BbWorld this year and want you to be as excited about the enhancements as we are! That’s why we’re offering a sneak-peak for business, associations, government and military professionals like you.

Who should register for these sessions?

  • Directors of Educational Technology (Military)
  • Chief Learning Officers (Business and Government)
  • Learning, Training and Development Managers
  • Sales Trainers
  • Workforce Development and Planning Managers
  • Corporate Trainers
  • Instructional Designers
  • Learning Technology Managers

If you’re planning to attend BbWorld for the first time, you’ll be in great company with thousands of your peers who gather July 15-17. Here are just a few sessions available to business, association, government and military attendees.


Millennials in the Next America
Paul Taylor, Executive Vice President of Special Projects Pew Research Center, and author of The Next America

Paul Taylor, executive vice president of special projects at the Pew Research Center that oversees demographic, social and generational research and author of The Next America, will speak on how the widening American generational gap and current state of the well-educated, tech-savvy, and underemployed Millennials are affecting our global workforce.

Leveraging Distance Education to Teach Required Competencies To Align With The Mission
Dr. William Ferree, Blackboard Inc.

Understanding the effects of new programs or program cancellations on your mission requires in-depth functional analysis that includes looking at the structure of the organization. What do we need as competencies in this evolving environment? How do we keep quality personnel with the skill sets we need? How do we train/educate our workforce in those competencies that we need to improve?

Distance Education that goes beyond page-turning documents and self-paced computer-based training offers great advantages to moving towards answers to this question. This presentation will cover how the Naval War College designs and delivers courses in a competency-based curriculum.

Developing Leaders Through Blended Learning
Paul Merrylees, The Advisory Board Company

The Advisory Board Company shares its approach to leveraging Blackboard ProEd as the centerpiece of blended learning program that develops leaders at hundreds of organizations around the world. We'll explore how customization around a small set of standard learning elements allows us to massively scale our offering, while deploying a range of tactics to both automate and personalize the learner's experience. We'll also examine strategies for engaging learners who have little capacity and/or have limited accountability to use the service.