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We can't wait to see you this summer at BbWorld. In fact, we're so excited to see you that we'd like to give you a sneak peek at this year's sessions! Take a look at the K-12 sessions below and start planning your BbWorld experience early. In addition, we're really looking forward to offering some unique experiences for our K-12 attendees this year, including an interactive workshop in partnership with Getting Smart. Join us in this hands-on session as we work together to build a blended learning environment! And be sure to stay tuned for updates and details on several other special activities we have planned for K-12 this year.


50 Shades of Data
Angelique Kobler, Assistant Superintendent - Teaching & Learning
Lawrence Public Schools

While some data can be very unappealing, the right tools and support can increase your staff and students’ awareness and engagement, allowing you to fully utilize your resources and maximize end-user adoption of your LMS. Learn how Lawrence Public Schools maximizes personalized learning for students and staff in a data rich environment by utilizing a learning management system (Blackboard) complemented by adoption-success software.

A Perfect Match: The Flipped Classroom & Blackboard

Join a panel of teachers and academic leaders who will discuss their experiences with flipping their science, music, and professional development classrooms. Blackboard’s Innovative Classroom solutions are the perfect vehicle to support flipped learning classrooms (and other blended learning classrooms). Participants will discuss the flipped classroom model and how Blackboard can enhance the student’s experience. Increasing student interactions; timely formative and summative assessments; more effective student/parent feedback; organized video, text and interactive content are just a few of the ways Blackboard Learn can improve the class.

Building a Digital District
Terry Politi, Technology Specialist
Cecil County Public Schools

This session will focus on the process that Cecil County Public Schools used to implement Blackboard Learn™ in our K-12 school district. In less than two years, we have leveraged the content collection to house our entire curriculum electronically and we have over 4000 students participating in hybrid courses and other blended learning activities. In addition, the majority of our county professional development is delivered through Blackboard Learn™ in an online or a hybrid format. We will show how we did it and examples of courses designed for both students and teachers.

Disrupting the Factory Model
Angelique Kobler, Assistant Superintendent - Teaching & Learning
Lawrence Public Schools

How do we take advantage of the strengths of both traditional instruction and online learning using the right tools for the right situation? Learn how Lawrence Public Schools is investigating and implementing ways to alter the learning environment and custom-design instruction based on student needs, increasing our number of blended classrooms from 8 to 150 - - undoing the factory model of education.

Ready, Set, Grow! Your Highly Qualified Online Teacher Pool
Jason Don Forsythe, Learning Management Systems Administrator
North Carolina Virtual Public School

In order to internally grow our highly qualified online instructor pool, The North Carolina Virtual Public School had created a rigorous and comprehensive professional learning curriculum that we deliver to potential teachers via Blackboard. Our professional learning curriculum successfully transitions traditional and lateral entry teachers to teach our courses and provides them the tools to be exceptional online teachers. This professional learning curriculum has produced one National Online Teacher of the Year who now works with a former North Carolina Teacher of the Year to create our professional learning curriculum. Come explore how NCVPS structures and delivers their Professional Learning Course consisting of a 9-week online course and a 9-week Practicum (student teaching like experience) in which potential teachers learn NCVPS policies, procedures, expectations, how to work within an LMS, NCVPS instructional design principles, and best practices for teaching through communication, grading and feedback, announcements, and personalized instruction.

Putnam County Embraces 21st Century Learning
Judy Schinbeckler, Instructional Leaders
Putnam County Schools

The Putnam County School System (PCSS) began its personalized learning odyssey with the creation of the Virtual Instruction to Accentuate Learning (VITAL) program in 2008. Since then we have leveraged the tools available in Blackboard Learn™ to create a unique multifaceted program that includes credit advancement, credit recovery, dual enrollment, collegiate high school, interactive video conferencing, and flipped and blended learning. Come share our story and see how a rural Tennessee school district has embraced 21st century learning in order to connect with our students on their terms and meet their diverse needs.

Personalized Learning for 6,500 Teachers
Doug Renfro, Lead Instructional Designer
Metro Nashville Public Schools

Metro Nashville Public Schools is a district of 170 schools K-12 and just about 6,500 teachers. Tennessee and MNPS have adopted the CCSS as well as PARCC assessment. These dramatic moves in the educational setting combined with several district initiatives (Project Based Learning, Social Emotional Learning, Learning Technology Plan, District Unit Planning) prompted a drastic change the methodology for providing Professional Development to our teachers. Given the diversity in our student population with respect to culture, language, race, socioeconomic status, learning style, interests, abilities, and needs; how do we provide excellent educational experiences for every student? By modeling personalized and differentiated professional development for teachers! Using a modular format, bringing all departments together to serve as subject matter experts, and designing competency based assessments to model best practices, teachers were rapidly immersed into the world of personalized learning at its best.

'APP' it Up!
Dr. Sheryl Abshire, Kim Leblanc, & Lisa Mullet Calcasieu
Parish School Board

Join the Calcasieu Parish School Board Blackboard Team as they share strategies and best practices for using Blackboard Mobile as well as the district app built with Blackboard Mosaic.

Common Ground on Common Core: Are Your Parents Ready?

Our students are already actively engaged in Common Core and classroom technology integration, so what about parents? How can we get them on board as champions for new models of teaching and learning? Hear how it's done from a panel of K-12 communications leaders across the country.

Today's Technology in Tomorrow's Hands: MPower Piedmont 1:1 Initiative
Dr. Matt Aiken, Superintendent
Piedmont City Schools

Join Dr. Matt Akin, Superintendent, and teachers from Piedmont City Schools to learn how "MPower Piedmont" enables student success and rejuvenates their entire community. Learn how pedagogy has been transformed at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. Graduation rates, high stake exam scores, college acceptance rates, and student engagement have all improved. Learn how you can transform learning with digital tools.

Successful Transition to Common Core Standards
Cameron Parker, Instructional Technology Specialist
Sarasota County Schools

Sarasota County Schools are using Blackboard Learn to give teachers a location for curriculum, pacing and resource support. Curriculum Specialists, Technology Specialists and teachers are working together to create grade level and subject resources. The guide that is the backbone for these courses has been derived from state testing and data gathered from district created benchmark tests delivered through our learning management system. Teachers K-12 have access to either an elementary, middle or high school Instructional Focus Guide course in Blackboard Learn. These courses have a variety of resources available across multiple disciplines linked to state and common core standards. Content is organized for ease of navigation and access. Teachers can use these courses as a pacing and resource guide for themselves or add students and assignments to it for a blended learning environment.

What's in Your Blender? Blended Learning Panel Discussion

Join a panel of teachers and academic leaders who will discuss their experiences with blended learning. Learn how implementing blended learning can enable success for all learners.

How Is Blackboard Thinking About Students, Standards and New Learning Models? – A Roadmap for Innovation and Integration
John Canuel, Director, K-12 Industry Product Management

This roadmap session will focus on key K-12 functionality and development within the Blackboard solutions. Come experience the full range of Blackboard solutions for Teaching and Learning, Communications and Parental Engagement including Learn, Joule, Collaborate, Engage, Connect and K-12 Central. Roadmap topics will focus on the challenges of K-12 and current/future solutions aligned to these challenges.

No Really, Tell Us What You Think! – A K-12 Listening Session
Mark Belles, SVP, K-12; Jim Till, VP, K-12; John Canuel, Director, K-12 IPM

Blackboard is working to provide technology, resources and services to help K-12 educators and leaders meet the demands of teaching and learning today and tomorrow. This session you will be able to meet with Blackboard K-12 leaders to discuss the challenges you face and how Blackboard can partner with you to meet them. Come and share your thoughts and visions of K-12 teaching, learning, communications and engagement.

Inside an Innovative Classroom: A Day in the Life of Today’s Students and Teachers
Julie Evans, CEO
Project Tomorrow

Get a peek inside an innovative K-12 classroom as Julie Evans, CEO of Project Tomorrow, moderates an engaging and interactive panel discussion with students and teachers from a variety of leading edge schools. Learn how technology is fully integrated into learning experiences from accessing multi-media resources for teaching and learning to collaborating with classmates and colleagues. Experience what it means to be in a virtual learning environment as well as a blended learning space. Walk away with a better understanding of how technology is personalizing the teaching and learning experience.