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The Blackboard Transact™ Administrator Certification program (B-TAC) is a two-part program designed to significantly improve your results and your experience. It starts with an online foundational course and concludes with a hands-on, in-person training. Each segment will provide a thorough understanding of how to leverage the Blackboard Transact system within your specific campus environment so you can:

  • Promote expert system management and increase productivity
  • Create self-sufficiency and decrease support cases
  • Build a broader knowledge base to promote creative use of Blackboard Transact
  • Understand tried-and-true Blackboard Transact best practices

B-TAC, Part 1 - Online Course

The online course serves as an introduction/refresher to the Blackboard Transact platform and includes 10–15 hours of self-paced course work over two weeks. Once the system introduction is successfully completed, classroom training can begin.

B-TAC, Part 2 - Classroom Training

The classroom training is held in the Phoenix, AZ and Washington DC Blackboard offices. The instructor-led, hands-on training class consists of three days of instruction led by B-TAC certified trainers followed by the certification exam on the morning of day 4. Once you have completed the certification exam with an 80% or higher, you will officially be B-TAC certified.

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